Welcome To The J’s 503 Barbershop Blog

Hello, and welcome to the first blog post from J’s 503 Barbershop — Florida’s best barbershop. In this inaugural post, we’re planning to keep it simple by giving you some basic information about our family-friendly barbershop in the Gainesville area.

Keep reading to learn a bit about us and the grooming services we offer.

About J’s 503 Barbershop

There are two main things that you need to know about our barbershop. One, we provide the best hair cuts, trims, beard stylings, and more in all of north-central Florida, if not the whole state. And two, at J’s 503 Barbershop, we pride ourselves on having a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere where anyone can get the fresh cut they’ve been dreaming about.

So if you’ve been dreaming of trying out a fade, or you’re looking to rock a unique and crisp design in your hair, quit waiting and visit our shop today! Currently, we are only offering walk-in grooming services, so you don’t even need to schedule an appointment! Instead, simply visit our location, and our expert groomers will take care of you.

At the end of it all, we love cutting hair, and we love barbershops. For us, they’re places of community, fun, and self expression, and that’s what we plan to provide our clients! Our goal is to have you smiling throughout your visit and to leave you feeling confident and looking your best when we’re all said and done.

Plus, we have world-class barbers who pride themselves on their work and client relationships. Check out their bios to learn more and see their work!

Our Barbershop Services

No matter your age, gender, hair texture, or anything else, J’s 503 Barbershop can have you looking your best. Again, we simply want to provide world-class grooming services and a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere. Now, let’s take a look at our barbershop menu!


Whenever you need a haircut, we got you! We start our standard haircuts at $20, but keep in mind that depending on your request and the amount of hair we need to cut, that price may increase a bit. Whether you’re looking for a fade, a pompadour, or any other hairstyle, we can make it happen! And while we’ve talked mostly about short hair, we can expertly cut and style long hair as well.

Beard Trims And Combination Grooming

In addition to haircuts, we offer precise beard grooming and styling services, which start at $10. No matter if you need to clean up your beard after years of growth, or you meticulously groom your beard on a weekly basis, we’d be happy to help! Plus, you’ll never have to worry about an uneven shape or lines. What’s more, we offer a haircut and beard styling combination starting at $25 so you can ensure that your hair and beard are always perfect.

Shape Ups

When you have the perfect haircut, you want it to stay that way which is why we offer shape-ups starting at $8 dollars. If we gave you your initial haircut, we’ll just ensure that it's maintained, the lines are clean, and it looks as good as the day you initially got it. And if you have a haircut from a different barbershop, we’ll simply consult you first to make certain that we are shaping up your cut how you want it.

Fade Designs

Looking to set your fade apart from your friends? J’s 503 Barbershop offers designs for fades (and other hairstyles) so you can express your personality and elevate your hairstyle. We start our design services at $10 and increase the price depending on the intensity of the requested design.

Senior And Kids’ Haircuts

Finally, we offer our amazing grooming services for both seniors and children at a great discount! Our hair cutting services for both kids and seniors start at $16 and increase with the level of services required.

J’s 503 Barbershop — Great Hairstyling Services For Our Florida Community

We hope that this blog has helped you understand what we’re about and what we offer at our barbershop in the Gainesville area. It’s truly our aim to become a part of your community and to have you as a part of ours. We love what we do, and we love helping people achieve the best version of themselves through the art of grooming.

We encourage you to browse our site and check out our gallery to get a better understanding of the work we do. And if you’d like to get a haircut at our shop, we’d love to have you! Just contact us today with any questions you may have. That said, please note that we are currently not scheduling appointments in our shop. Instead, we’re exclusively offering walk-in grooming services to our customers in the northern-central Florida area.